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In orderd to maintain a healthy environment for our community, the following rules are imposed on our forum boards. These regulatioons are additional to our Terms of Service and Server Rules.

Any of the following actions will result in up to a permanent suspension of your account. While in some cases we might consider your previous offences while deciding your suspension time, in other cases punishments might be permanent and irrevocable. Game and forum bans might translate, depending on the severity of the situation. Using our fourms is a privilege, not a right. Behave accordingly, and remember to take a step back before you post;

  1. To display discriminatory and derogatory behaviour and comments. Be considerate and polite.
  2. To explicitly advertise other businesses on our boards.
  3. To promote inappropriate material. No links, images or embedded videos that might display content that might be considered NSFW; This includes, but is not limited to explicitly pornographic content and gore.
  4. To create attention seeking and drama provoking threads. 
  5. To bash the server, the staff or the community. Constructive criticism and feedback is always appreciated, however.
  6. To excessively spam. Do not post threads or messages more than once. Cross-posting, necro-posting, thwarting or derailing discussions and provocation also apply here.
  7. To attempt trades between goods on Candorhal, including accounts, and outside currencies. 
  8. To avoid suspensions. Creating alternative accounts to dodge a ban will result in an IP-wide ban.

Moderators and Game Masters, both in game and on the forums, are given a large degree of autonomy. They have the freedom to ban and delete content as they see fit if it is deemed unsuitable for the forums, even if it is not covered by previously stated rules.

With respect,

Candorhal's Administration.

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