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Server Rules

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In order to maintain a healthy and fair-play atmosphere on our realms, the following rules have are the following rules are imposed on our servers.

Any of the following actions will result in up to a permanent suspension of your character/account/IP. While in some cases we might consider your previous offences while deciding your suspension time, in other cases punishments might be permanent and irrevocable. 

  1. To threaten the staff or the server in any way, regardless of the threat action being performed or not. 
  2. To explicitly advertise any other server or business.
  3. To use any type of hacks, bots, scripts or third person programs or purposely grouping with a person using the aforementioned, in order to obtain certain unfair benefits. If it happens to end up in a group with someone that has such unfair advantages, it should be reported immediately to the staff, either via forums or in-game, via a ticket.
  4. To give away, trade or sell accounts for any goods, merchandise, currency or real money.
  5. To abuse bugs or exploitable mechanics that give you an unfair advantage; anything that does not work as intended and could be exploited should be immediately reported on our Bug Tracker. This includes "smart use of the game mechanics" type of interactionos.
  6. To do any kind of Honor farming, Arena win trading, etc.
  7. To lie to the staff members, to pretend you are a staff member, to use the staff as "scape goats" for your actions or to threaten players that staff actions will be taken upon them without a valid reason.
  8. To display discriminatory and derogatory behaviour and comments or to insult players repeatedly and in a serious manner.
  9. To create characters/guilds with names that are unadequated or provocative towards the staff and the server.
  10. To attempt any fraud, including PayPal charge-back.
  11. To use multi-boxing programs.
  12. To ask the staff members for free items or to abuse the ticketing system. 
  13. To excessively spam messages in public channels.
  14. To use colors on public channels (using scripts, add-ons, hacks, etc) - This will lead immediately to a temporary mute, up to a temporary suspension of the account.

Game Masters are above players when it comes to hierarchy, thus any attempt to defy them will have severe consequences. They have the freedom to suspend accounts if their activity is suspicious or can be generally seen as unhealthy, even if it is not covered by previously stated rules.

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time without notice.

Bans appeals can be registered here and will be unanimously reviewed by the entire staff.  Bans with duration of less than 14 days cannot be appealed.

With respect,

Candorhal's Administration

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